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5 Ways to Create a Comfortable Modern Room

Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
by Claire Andreas for InteriorCrowd
July 16, 2015

The satisfaction of creating a comfortable and well designed room is the holy grail of modern home décor that we, as home owners, all strive for. The idea of having a room in your home be both sleek and inviting shouldn’t be elusive, although many home owners might feel this way. No different than cooking your favorite meal or discovering a new recipe, designing a comfortable modern room is all about how the individual components come together to make one heavenly outcome.

Creating a beautiful modern room doesn’t have to be expensive, either. We shop smart when we buy groceries, clothing, cars, and homes. The same principle applies here when choosing décor for your home. Know your available options on the market. Check through the inventories of your favorite stores to build some knowledge of what options will suite your space best. Create an outline of the budget you can apply to the room and how the bigger, staple items will to impact your spending. You’ll know where you can splurge if you’ve decided on the funds needed in each aspect of redesigning the room.

Whether you have a blank slate to work from or an existing space that you are looking to refresh, take your time creating your design. Look for inspiration in other photos of modern rooms, pick what you love and aren’t so crazy about in different rooms. Armed with what you know you want, you can start hunting for the pieces you need for your room. Without any sort of plan, you might be tempted to start buying things on a whim. If you walk in to furniture stores with a plan in mind, you will find that your room will have a much more comprehensive design. Each of the following areas will help you put together the ingredients to build a comfortable modern décor for your home.

1. Color


Wall color brings the most impact for the least amount. A simple can of paint a day’s worth of work can transform and entire room. Maybe you have a color scheme in mind already and this is a simple change for you to make. However, choosing a wall color can be, for some, an overwhelming task. You might have already been pining over a gorgeous couch or chair for your living room from CB2 or Design Within Reach giving you the anchor you need to start putting your room ingredients together. Try developing a design anchor for your room and building your color scheme from there. Decide if you want your room to be high contrast (neutral colored furniture with bright walls and accents) or if you prefer something subtler (complimentary shades of the same color, i.e. greys). Even if your room isn’t wall to wall white paint, chrome, and glass, you can still create a super modern design. Use your staple items to build a color scheme and pick your paint color from there.

2. Fabric & Texture

(Both images: Room and Board Roller Shades)

Textiles are an exciting opportunity to bring personality to your room. A fantastic rug can do wonders to tie together all the elements of your room. Blinds, shades, and curtains can also add a punch of color or texture to your room. However, it can be an expensive endeavor to add new window coverings because their costs add up quickly as you cover each window. Shop smart on these elements by using online resources. Many retailers sell on-online only options that are most often a cost savings compared to what you might find in the stores. Discount locations and outlets also offer lower prices on high end brand names. Even stores like Crate and Barrel and Room and Board have outlet stores, which can be a great opportunity to find curtain panels that accent your design at a lower cost. Your budget will thank you for a quick Saturday trip to outlet centers like these.

3. Layers

Layering is a great way to elevate the design of your space. Instantly add comfort to your room by layering pillows and blankets on the couch or bed. If your modern design is feeling somewhat stark, concentrate on what you can do to add layers to the furniture, window treatments, and art work. Open shelving can be a great opportunity to add visual interest and depth by positioning items and art work in a stacked or layered design. Through layering, you are able to have another source of color and texture to create some warmth in your modern decor.

(Golia Leaning Bookcase)

4. Natural Elements

Count your décor blessings if your living room or bedroom already has hardwood floors. By default, you have a natural element to use in your modern décor design. If your floors are made of something other than hardwood, don’t be discouraged. Introduce other pieces to your space that will infuse your room with natural elements to give it some comfort against the sleek components of the room. Consider wooden furniture pieces, such as a coffee or end table. Grass cloth wall treatments provide a texture and natural element in one piece and can look quite interesting contrasted against modern furnishings. Indoor plants and floral arrangements instantly bring the outdoors inside, and angular vases keep them modern.

5. Accents 

Accents can be one of the most tedious part of room design. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to find individual items that create a cohesive design once they’re paired together. Shortcut this process by starting small, and find one or two pieces of artwork that you want to use in your room – you can build the line of accents from those pieces. Picking a few pieces to build from allows you to establish a direction for the style and color of the other accent pieces you might want to use in your room. If you are finding that your design budget is wearing thin, splurge on larger items, like the art. Visually, this type of accent will be more noticeable than some of the smaller accents (vases or ceramics). You can find smaller accents at antique stores to save on money and add some unique style to your space.

(The Three Little Pigs; Flow; Roots ‘N’ Shoots)

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