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5 California Artists We Love

InteriorCrowd Staff
by InteriorCrowd Staff
September 14, 2015

Written by Zane Foley for InteriorCrowd

California has long attracted artists from all walks of life due to the scenic, colorful landscape. The gold and silver tones in artwork produced by California artists depict the mix of pigments in nature, as well as the clash of urban and rural stretches. Artists mirror the scenery in their work, and much like you could stare at the sunset for hours, these creations are equally as mesmerizing. The hunt for wall art and design is an opportunity to empower the local community of artists and get your hands on one in a kind items.

Even the most luxurious and beautiful homes and apartments can feel incomplete with blank wall space. No guest feels comfortable in an empty home, greeted by the blank stare of undecorated walls. Designers and homeowners have unique opportunities for expression and design by choosing the artwork to display on each wall. A homeowner will likely look at those walls nearly every day, so what is hung on your walls is important to everyone in your home. Why not surround yourself with works that inspire you, and works that you love? We’ve chosen a few artists from California whose incredible works evoke inspiration and stimulation.

Mike Stilkey:

Mike Stilkey is a Los Angeles native artist, who has had his artwork successfully showcased in galleries both nationally and internationally. He began with an affinity for drawing on vintage paper, vinyl covers and old book pages, eventually using books as canvases themselves. Stilkey’s art typically features whimsical characters in a melancholic tone. His art is meant to provide a sense of introspection, dealing with the emotional depths of loss. Having Stilkey’s powerful artwork in your home will evoke poetic, witty and mysterious expressions that leave guests and family both inspired and humbled. Remember, wall space is an opportunity to gather some of the most unique insights into yourself and others. View more of his work at mikestilkey.com.

Max Neufeldt Reclaimed Art:

In the 1960’s, reclaimed art was made popular by California artists due to the creation of the Watts Towers. Max Neufeldt’s reclaimed artwork mirrors the traditional reclaimed art of the 1960’s. Neufeldt’s mixed media artwork features mixed mediums of found metal and wood. His pieces are often constructed as textural, lively still life works. Neufeldt’s pieces expand your mind, creating the ambiance of a picturesque view out of a window, or staring into an alternate universe. See more of his work at maxneufeldt.com.

James Crandall Traditional:

James Crandall began his career as a concept illustrator in the motion picture and advertising industry, but later in life narrowed his focus to traditional easel painting. Crandall illustrates subject matter around everyday life in Paris, or Tuscany – he depicts children running together or sitting by the river. Californians know him for his oil paintings of rural backroads in the golden country. A UCLA grad, Crandall currently lives in California with his wife Nancy. Crandall’s oils reflect daily life and are perfect for accentuating your home. Equipping your walls with an oil painting can add the final touches to your perfect home, and Crandall’s artwork helps express the artistic style of your home. To see more of James’ work, visit jamescrandall.com.

Hadas Tal Artwork:

San Francisco has a history of rich artists whose work inspires boldness and action. Nothing less can be said for Hadas Tal’s artwork. Tal, a San Francisco painter, is renowned for her spirited texture paintings. Her beautiful impressionist pieces display an energized physicality with each brush stroke. Every one of her paintings is composed of heavy layers of paint, enlivened by an ‘out of focus’ technique juxtaposed with a sharp and austere focus on her subject matter. Her artwork particularly suitable for indoor living spaces with her ‘seemingly benign’ subject matter of urban landscapes, corner-store flowers, and chinatown buildings. Her technique and subject matter will bring out the subtle qualities of your home. For more of Hadas’ work, go to hadastal.org.

Dolan Geiman Wall Sculptor:

Dolan Geiman is revered for his wall sculpture of the California Bear, depicting the California flag and U.C. Berkeley mascot. These large, metallic wall installments are perfect for homeowners and designers looking for modern, rustic, and woodland artwork. Geiman offers to customize colors and numbers included in the piece for personalization. Splitting his time between California and Colorado, Geiman’s art focuses around the natural world, usually depicting animals and vibrant natural colors. His mediums are vast and creative, ranging from taxidermy to mixed media and wall art and oil paintings. Much of his work has been featured in western magazines, featuring art from California, Colorado, and Illinois. See more of Geiman’s pieces at dolangeiman.com.

Empty wall space allows homeowners to insert final touches and create their perfect home, so this aspect of any home or designer’s vision is something that should not be taken for granted. These pieces of art will hang on your wall for years to come, and your environment has a large effect on your mood and productivity. Surround yourself with artwork that feels like you, and that makes your house feel like a home.

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