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10 Ways to Add Americana Style To Your Home

Cie-Kay Lam for InteriorCrowd
by Cie-Kay Lam for InteriorCrowd
July 24, 2015

The Fourth of July may have come and gone, but our excuse to celebrate America hasn’t. The Americana style is the perfect way to do it. This style is exactly what you imagine; embodying anything and everything American. Think patriotic décor, nostalgic American memorabilia, and collectables that showcase history. Even if your home already has its own style, it’s easy to incorporate Americana in with modern, rustic, eclectic, and anything in between. The strong theme can sometimes seem to overpower a room, so remember to go in with an action plan. To help you out, here are ten ways to add the Americana flair to your home.

1. Red, White, and Blue

Use this color combination to accent your home and you’ll already be halfway there. Multi-colored towels will work in your bathroom or kitchen. If you’re feeling bold, opt for colored appliances and dishware.

(Dinnerware; Rachel Ray Cookware; Smeg 4-slice Toaster; Rhodes Canister)

2. Not so Red, White, and Blue

If bold and bright isn’t really for you, incorporate more subdued shades of red, white, and blue in your home. Burgundy, cream, and navy keep some of those Americana vibes throughout the space without seeming overwhelming.

Color Combo

3. The Star Spangled Banner

Show your patriotic side and use the flag as a piece of décor inside or outside your home. Take cues from this bedroom and display the flag as a piece of art to add a touch of elegance, or hang it as a window covering.

4. Patterns

Keep things lively with gingham, chevron or a stars and stripes inspired pattern around your home. An easy way to do this is to have patterned throw pillows for your living room or a quilt on your couch. Gingham adds a fun ’50s feel to any room, and can easily be found in red and blue patterns. Quilted blankets date back even further, from when the settlers first arrived in America, and really add a sense of vintage eclectic style to a room.

il_570xN.217212290 cb1091_g1313203639224eb32792cfcbe

5. Vintage Pieces

 Do you have vintage maps, artifacts, license plates or old advertising prints? Feel free to bring out those vintage collectables you have been dying to display because history is a huge part of the Americana style. If you’re looking for something to display, start off with this vintage style map print and frame it on your wall.

Image: Stagetecture


6. Go Retro

It was all about the American Dream in the 1950’s. Keep it funky and go retro with diner inspired kitchen décor. Don’t be afraid to venture out of the kitchen either, retro can work in any room of the house.

7. American Frontier

Bring the Wild West to life in your home using natural elements. Try using tan colored leather couches,
furs, and skins in your living room. This wooden trunk from Pier 1 Imports would be great for storage and could double as a coffee table. Finish it off with one of those stars and stripes inspired quilts to pull everything together.

8. Made in the USA


Support locally made items or pay homage to iconic brands with roots here in America. Do you have vintage memorabilia from an iconic brand? Take a look at this unique Coca-Cola light fixture.

9. New England Style

The American Revolution all started with the Boston Tea Party in New England. Celebrate classic American icons and go nautical. Ships, stripes, anchors, and even lobster décor are highlights of New England style.

mom 33
Image: Ciao! Newport Beach

10. Your America

What does America mean to you? Does patriotic décor shout Americana style or is it your all-American dream home? The great thing about Americana is the flexibility of the style – you can incorporate however much (or little) you like into your home. Add some of your own personality and give the Americana style a twist to make it suitable for your space.




Bring Americana to your home with the help of one of our designers! Head over to InteriorCrowd to get started.


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