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10 Photos That Prove Black and White Home Design Is Anything But Boring

by Taylor Duvall for InteriorCrowd
March 14, 2016

If you have spent longer than five minutes on Pinterest lately, you will have undoubtedly seen photo after photo of black and white home interiors. The craze is going viral.  Many of these fit into the trendy “Scandinavian Minimalism” that is popping up in homes this year.  This trend focuses on neutral colors, lots of natural light, and simplicity.  More than a trend, this is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design style.

Maybe even more importantly, all this black and white home frenzy is showing the masses one simple thing: black and white is anything but boring.  For decades, homes were popping up with white walls and homeowners were running to the hardware store for colorful paint. This probably will not be nearly as much of a common occurence throughout 2016. Unless, of course, the paint they are going for is black.

We have conveniently grouped together some inspirational imagery of simple black and white design for each main room in your home.   Then we are going to talk about why it works.  If you are interested in incorporating this trend into your home, this can be a great jumping point into getting your creative juices flowing!

Black and White Bathrooms:




One place we are seeing this trend possibly more than anywhere else is in the bathroom. Each of these photos shows the beautiful simplicity of the white subway tile and the dark grout.  The bathroom is a small space, so each of these designers chose to keep the majority of the room white and add a big black statement piece: the bathrub and the door. Notice the gold accents in both photos help break up any color monotony.

Black and White Kitchens:



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Here we have a little reversal for you. One kitchen has white walls and black cabinetry; the other has black walls and white cabinetry.  Either way is a lovely yin and yang sort of balance. Natural wood is added as an accent color for each kitchen as well. One trend floating around is having upper cabinets be either white or black and the lower cabinets be the opposite. As the bottom photo shows, there’s no reason a pop of color needs to be completely removed from this trend.

Black and White Offices:



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We already know white is a fabulous blank canvas, but black is a neutral. It makes a pretty fantastic blank canvas of its own. Any office can benefit from this blank canvas concept since this space should be able to stay innovative and creative to inspire the best work.  These photos are examples of two very different ways black and white can be used in the office. Notice again how wood and gold are common accents.

Black and White Living Rooms:



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The living room may not feel like the most natural place for black and white. Typically, this is the room of the house you want to feel most welcoming and relaxing. But remember: black and white is not only not-boring, it is also not-cold when done right. In the first photo, the designer added a warm wood flooring. In the second photo, a plush carpet helps add to the coziness of the room.  Don’t think a white couch is necessarily out of the question if you have kids at home. Focus on an easily washable fabric.

Black and White Bedrooms:



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If you want to take a look at bedrooms that are embracing dark walls by painting them black, click here to read our article on the dark bedroom trend. These two bedrooms here have chosen to keep the majority of their rooms white and light. The greenery in the first photo stands out brilliantly and the silver accent pieces in the second photo and a taste of luxury to the black and white bedroom.

Tips for going black and white in your home:

  • Pick a few accents. Greenery, natural/reclaimed wood, gold, etc. are great choices to complement the space.
  • Know that black and white patterned tile is perfectly acceptable in an already black and white room.
  • Find a professional designer who knows exactly how to match this trend to your personality and home style. After all, trends can be fun; but great style lasts through the shifts in trends.


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